What we need to avoid?

Borocay Island in 2004


One unique paradise named one of the World’s Best Beaches  ... 

Borocay Island in 2014


... has been jeopardized that much by overtourism ...

Borocay Island in 2018


.... that it was declared "cesspool" and shut down by the President of Philippines.  

How ? A unique Sustainability Matrix...

Improved data collection

Data from different sources is used to gain insights about tourism industry: 

Satellite images, social media, blogs, open data, structured data, mobile data, data provided by destinations

Artificial intelligence based matrix

AI and Big Data tools are used to transform the data to information, set a spatial and temporal context and build the most accurate sustainability matrix

Cutting edge prediction

AI capabilities are used to predict the future development in the spatial and temporal context

... to make sustainable travel simple


We will estimate the amount of tourists a place can welcome in a sustainable way to:

Monitor Supply


We provide tourist boards in governements and regions with a decisional interface to: 

- assess the current sustainable status of a specific place
- monitor the impact of tourists on a weekly basis with alerts
- predict this impact to make proactive decisions
- make recommendations to address unsustainable issues

Regulate Demand


We provide Online Travel Agencies with an API solution to:   

- Redirect travelers to locations with more sustainable impact on environment and locals 

- Improve customer experience and decrease churn

- prepare for the future as 55% of global travelers report being more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were a year ago

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